The Molecules of Emotion


Much research has been done by the scientific community that has proven that our thoughts and emotions have a notable impact on our physical health. Our minds, bodies and feelings, truly are connected and influence each other in powerful ways.

Neurochemical changes are produced in your body by your thoughts and the emotions they trigger. These changes can affect your health positively or negatively. The quality of the thoughts and emotions determine how your health will be affected.

In his book “Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail”, author Greg Kuhn explains research, which was conducted in the early 1990’s by Dr. Candice Pert, who at the time was the chief molecular biologist for the National Institute of Health.   Dr. Pert discovered that all the thoughts you have create unique neuropeptides which are protein like molecules produced in the brain and used by cells to communicate with each other. Dr. Pert referred to them as the “molecules of emotion”. Endorphins, which are the feel good chemicals that are responsible for the euphoria associated with intense exercise, are one kind of neuropeptide.

Every thought and the emotion created by it is associated with its own unique neuropeptide which travels to the cells of the body. Each cell has receptors for different neuropeptides and each receptor is unique to that specific neuropeptide. Dr. Pert discovered that cell membranes will create more receptors for the neuropeptides to which they are exposed to most frequently and that your cells can start craving these neuropeptides, kind of like a drug addiction. Your cells, which are now craving this neuropeptide, signal your brain to produce more of them, which are produced by the negative thought, thus perpetuating the negative thoughts and emotions associated with them. Basically, what all this is saying is that negative thinking is addictive and begets more negative thinking. The converse is also true, as positive thinking, will create more positive emotions, more receptors for positive neuropeptides on your cells and so on and so forth.

If you’ve been living in primarily negative emotional states for a long time, making changes to be more positive can be challenging at first. The cells are used to receiving negative neuropeptides, they are covered in receptors for them, however, with some patience and persistence, this can change. The trick is to be easy on yourself as you start implementing your new way of thinking. If you find it difficult at first and then beat yourself up about it, the cycle will only perpetuate. If, however, you can instead, acknowledge yourself for trying and be gentle on yourself and grateful that you are making these much needed changes, you will be creating the positive thoughts and emotions that will trigger positive neuropeptides and the appropriate receptors for them.

What are some of the best ways that we can ensure that our cells are receiving the neuropeptieds that will leave them functioning optimally and will have us living at our healthiest and happiest? There are many practices that we can do to help with this. Positive thinking, mantras, meditation, humor and laughter, spending time with loved ones and nurturing our positive relationships, spending time with animals, time in nature and reading positive and uplifting works are a few of my favorites. Gratitude practices, giving thanks for all that is wonderful in life is another big one. What are some of your favorite ways? Please comment below and let me know what works for you.

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