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What You Appreciate, Appreciates

The last two weeks, I have been writing about meditation and other forms of mindfulness practice as well as their many benefits. Today, I would like to share another mindful practice that is extremely rewarding and easy to implement. That … Continue reading

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5 Simple Ways to Add Mindfulness to Your Day

Mindfulness is a practice, which involves paying active attention to the present moment. When practicing mindfulness, you focus completely on what is happening in your body, during whatever activity that you may be doing. This includes observing thoughts, emotions and … Continue reading

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Meditation, some whys and a how

About 5 years ago, I took a 10 week course with my mentor Tom McCook, which included meditation as a daily practice. Since that time, I have developed a regular daily meditation practice that I miss on very rare occasions. … Continue reading

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Lit from Within

Due to an overwhelming week that has left little time for research and writing, I will keep this week’s blog post short and sweet. The following is one of my favorite quotes that recently has made its way into my … Continue reading

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