The Word of the Year


This year, in addition to the intentions I set for myself annually, I am adding something I have not done before. I am choosing a word as my official word of the year. This word sums up the feeling that I want to continue to create for myself all year long and that I hope to increase over time so I can create more and more of it. That word for me this year is joy5

Each day, I will focus on embodying joy and sharing that joy with others. Whenever I am faced with decisions, I will ask myself if this will bring more joy to my life or to the lives of others? The answer to that question, will then guide the decision. When I am in situations that are uncomfortable, I will ask what I can do to make the situation more joyful. Is there anything I can add or take away to make it  better and more joyful in any way? Usually the answer to that question is yes. It can be as little as taking a deep breath and truly feeling into my body, or the simple knowing that this too shall pass and there is more joy just around the corner.

What feeling or state of being do you want to create more of this year?   Consider making it your word of 2015 and focusing on it daily. If you have chosen a word, I ‘d love to hear what it is. You can comment below if you feel inspired.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Vanessa, I am choosing improve and Jack is choosing Respect for himself and others.

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  2. Great choice! I choose ‘mindful’- of what I say, eat, do , think keep and let go of. Happy 2015.

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