Create Your Own Reality Part 1: Uncovering Negative Core Beliefs


I’ve been really into quantum physics lately and how we create our own reality.

In its most simplified form, Quantum Physics is a science that studies how everything in this world comes into existence by looking at atomic and subatomic levels. At these levels, everything breaks down to energy, which ultimately means that everything we can see in our world, is made of energy. The vibration of this energy and what we believe about it determines how we will perceive it. Nobel price winning physicists have proven beyond a reasonable doubt, that the observer has an important and measurable effect on what is being observed and that the expectations of the observer have a profound effect on the outcome of an experiment.


Quantum physics measures possibilities. There are many possible realities we can choose from and create for ourselves. However the caveat is that we actually have to believe certain outcomes are possibilities in order to create them into our reality.

We can only see what we actually believe is possible. This is why we recreate the same jobs, relationships and other dramas in our lives over and over again. The secret lies in uncovering those beliefs that are limiting us, usually deep old core beliefs that were passed down by our parents and through the generations. Once we are aware of those beliefs, we can work on ways to transform them into more positive beliefs that will serve us better. As we do this, we will see our lives change for the better too. When our expectations of what will be turn into reality, based on the changes in our belief systems, we will see better and better realities for ourselves, better health, better relationships, more fulfilling work, improved finances and the list goes on and on.


Are there any areas in your life where you can see patterns repeating in a way that is not beneficial? Some examples would be having the same fight over and over again in a relationship or even across multiple relationships, anxiety around money or never having enough, issues at work that don’t seem to resolve even with changing jobs? When we have repeating patterns in our life that make us unhappy, we can be pretty sure that there is a negative core belief behind them.

When we are truly triggered (when someone or something really upsets us), it is a good indication that there is a core belief that is no longer serving us.


When we are feeling anxious, nervous or fearful about the future, we are also likely operating from negative core beliefs.

The beauty of the above feelings or situations is that they are giving us an opportunity to look a little deeper and try to find what the belief is that is holding us back and creating these unwanted situations for ourselves. Often times just realizing what we subconsciously hold to be true, gives us a starting point to change our beliefs and thus change the reality we are constantly creating for ourselves.

When faced with perceived negative events or emotions, take some time to ask yourself what you believe that may be contributing to this situation. For example, if you never seem to have enough money, question your beliefs about money. Do you believe it is the root of all evil or that wealthy people are selfish? If so, you’re probably not going to create a lot of money in your life.   Are you constantly finding yourself in relationships that don’t bring you joy? Ask yourself what your general beliefs are about the gender that you find yourself in relationship with? For example, do you believe men/women are trustworthy and reliable? If not, you may perceive a lot of men/women in your life that aren’t trustworthy or reliable.


Look at your language around things. Are you likely to say or think that things never go your way? That all men/women are the same and can’t be trusted? Negative thoughts or words around people or situations that tend to repeat in your life may be tied to core beliefs.

What are some things that you were taught either at home or at school that may not serve you? Many of our limiting beliefs were formed very early in life and given to us by adults that held those very same beliefs. Religion can be a big factor here as well.

Contemplating repeating patterns through writing, meditation or talking to a wise friend, coach or therapist can help us uncover core beliefs.

Next week, I will dive a little deeper into some ways that we can transform our limiting beliefs into ones that serves us better. Stay tuned… You can read part two here.


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