Create Your Own Reality Part 2: Changing Our Core Beliefs to Create a Better Life


Last week I wrote about how to recognize limiting core beliefs and the effects they have on our lives. You can read about it here . This week we will focus on how to transform these beliefs into ones which will serve us and help us create better and better realities. The first step is to uncover your limiting beliefs and recognize them for what they are. Once you are aware of them, you can start making changes and transforming them into useful beliefs that will help you create the life you desire.


Following are 9 steps that I use to successfully transform limiting beliefs into ones that truly serve me, and what I am creating with my life:

Use Affirmations: Come up with positive affirmations around your beliefs. For example, if your belief is: men can’t be trusted or relied upon, experiment with “I believe that men are trustworthy and reliable”. Every time you notice that you are operating from your old belief, remember that it is just that, a belief, not reality and that you have the power to change it. Use your new affirmations regularly to get you into a more positive frame of mind around these situations. I find it helpful to keep your affirmations very similar to the negative belief, changing only the words necessary to turn it into a positive belief. This will make it easier for the subconscious mind to switch out the two beliefs. Post your affirmations where you can see them regularly and read them often.


Use your imagination: Imagine how it would feel in your body to truly believe what you are trying to create. Really feel the feelings. Let your imagination run wild. Your body and brain don’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Do this every time you read, write or think your affirmations. And if this is difficult for you at first, don’t worry, it will get easier and easier with practice and tends to have a snowball effect.

Meditate: Meditate to increase awareness and create space between thoughts or triggers and reactions. This helps you become more present to what is. Recognizing in meditation how we perceive what is, brings into our awareness what our current beliefs are about a situation. Learning to respond effectively by incorporating our new beliefs versus reacting from our old ones can make all the difference in a situation.

Be Curious: Ask yourself what you can change about a situation to make it better and reflect more of the new beliefs you are working on adopting. Ask yourself how a person that embodies this new belief would handle this situation. Then handle it that way.


Tell Better Stories: I got this one out of a wonderful book, “Why Quantum Physicists do not fail” by Greg Kuhn. Listen to the stories you tell in your life. These stories could be about anything, your life story in general, or what is happening in your life at the moment. Try to make these stories as uplifting and positive as possible.   Even when the situation can be perceived as negative, try to find the silver lining and use the best, most optimistic words you can when talking about it. Look for what is working, versus what is not working and put your attention on that.

Visualize your day: Spend a few minutes every morning visualizing how you would like our day to unfold. You’ll be surprised when you do this how things can fall into place in mysterious ways and when this happens it will inspire you to continue creating your days and your beliefs through visualization.


Set Intentions: Regularly set intentions for yourself and/or for the day. I do this before important or difficult conversations, before each session with my clients and pretty much before any important interaction.   It has made a huge difference in the results I get.

Exercise your new beliefs: Our beliefs like our bodies get stronger with exercise. Talk about them, write about them, create mantras and affirmations that you repeat around them. Create the feelings that you associate with the belief in your body and enjoy them. Do this consistently over a period of time and watch how your world changes in response to the new beliefs you are adopting. Let these changes help reinforce and anchor the new beliefs.


Subliminal Re-programming: There are many companies that produce audio recordings that include affirmations at a level that you can’t consciously hear. These are usually buried under music, nature sounds or white noise. The beauty about using these programs is that your conscious mind can’t object to the new beliefs, as it can’t hear them. They are going directly into your subconscious mind. I listen to subconscious programming when I’m going to sleep and also during naps and have found them to be very effective. I get most of my recordings through Kelly Howell. (full disclosure: I do have an affiliate account here as I really believe in her products and own many of them. They have really made a difference in my life. I would never recommend anything that I don’t use myself and fully believe in.) When you are able to transform your beliefs by learning to align your thoughts, emotions and actions with your heartfelt desires, your perception of reality will change and your world will transform in ways you may never have imagined were possible. Now go work out your belief system!


© Copyright 2015 Vanessa Naja/Holistic Moving

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