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The Transformational Power of Nonviolent Communication

Several years ago, a therapist recommended a book to me that would completely change my life. It changed the way that I approach difficult conversations, changed how I relate to myself and to others and has totally transformed my relationships … Continue reading

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The Power of Being Vulnerable

One of my favorite definitions of vulnerability is “emotional exposure” as coined by Dr. Brené Brown, a research professor and expert in vulnerability, courage, worthiness and shame. Mirriam Webster’s definition of vulnerable is: : easily hurt or harmed physically, mentally, … Continue reading

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Got Chocolate?

Got dark chocolate to be more specific? Dark chocolate has amazing health benefits and has been the subject of many studies in recent times. Note that it is dark chocolate specifically, and not its milky counterpart that boasts all of … Continue reading

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How to Create More Love in Your Life Through Hormones

Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, is a neurohormone (a substance that sometimes acts as a hormone, and sometimes as a neurotransmitter).   It is produced in the hypothalamus and stored and secreted in the posterior pituitary gland. Oxytocin is … Continue reading

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