What to Write When You Have Writer’s Block


Lately I’ve been dealing with some writer’s block. What sometimes comes to me so naturally, other times feels completely forced and unnatural. Last year, I made a commitment to myself to write an article every week for my blog. With the exception of one week (which happened to be 2 weeks ago), I have stuck to that schedule religiously. Sometimes, I have felt completely inspired and the words just flowed. Other times, there has been more of a feeling that I must do this, because I said that I would and I want to be consistent.

2 weeks ago, I felt completely unmotivated and uninspired and I decided to skip a week.   I did beat myself up about it a little bit, however after a short period of self-flagellation, I chose to move on and allow myself the indulgence of an unplanned week off.


Research has shown that when you have a habit of doing something on a regular basis, skipping once won’t affect that habit at all, however, if you skip tow times in a row, it is much harder to get back on the wagon.   I did write an article last week so I did not skip several times, however I was tempted to skip again this week. Deep down, I knew that was not going to be the best idea. If I skip today, will I skip the week after next too? Will it be OK if I just blog every other week instead of every week? Or maybe I’ll just do it once a month?

I know that consistency is key. If you want to get good at something, you have to practice it regularly, whether you want to do it or not, whether you are inspired or not, whether you feel like it, or not. I want to be become a good writer. I want to be comfortable putting my work out to the public.  I want to be someone that is consistent and lives up to her commitments to herself and to others. Someday I even want to write a book.


So here I go, taking a step in that direction. I’m practicing many of those things I want to improve at. I am staying consistent. I am revealing who I truly am by being open about my shortcomings, my moments of lacking motivation, and even my beating myself up about it. I am posting about it publicly and opening myself up to the potential criticism that can go along with it. I even welcome the criticism as it will allow me to practice not taking things personally.

What are some areas in your life where you would like to create some consistency? Are you willing to commit to a practice around making that happen? I welcome any and all of your comments below.


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3 Responses to What to Write When You Have Writer’s Block

  1. thenovelist says:

    Lovely quotes 🙂


  2. mcauffman says:

    I often feel uninspired but I try to write something. Even if its my own uninspired thoughts just for my personal, private reading. Don’t feel pressured to produce for the masses. Write for yourself…to yourself if you have to. A writer writes…always! Best of luck to you.

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