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How to Recognize Your Major Life Lessons

If you look closely, you’ll notice patterns all around you:  the patterns of the seasons, the patterns of the sun rising, setting, then rising again day after day, the patterns that the tree branches cast through their shadows on the … Continue reading

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THE Question to Ask Yourself to Find Out Why You Don’t Have What You Want

Several years ago, in one of my coaching trainings, I learned a very valuable question that gives some profound info on why you don’t have what you want…yet.  In a nutshell, if nothing was holding you back or blocking you … Continue reading

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How to Look and Feel Better Immediately by Doing 1 Simple Thing

What if I told you that there is something anyone can do (no, it’s not meditation, did I get you with that picture? ) which results in a host of benefits such as: Reducing stress Looking more attractive and youthful … Continue reading

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Integration versus Compartmentalization and How it can Help Your Relationships

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about integration. For a long time, I lived my life in a very compartmentalized way. I had my personal life, my spiritual life, my dance life, my Pilates life and my coaching life. I … Continue reading

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