The Three Things I’ve Found Make the Biggest Difference in Managing Depression and Anxiety

Dancing is my favorite way to move

Yesterday I decided to take a big risk and really step out of my comfort zone twice in one action.  The first thing I did was go live on Facebook.  This was scary because I’d only gone live once before, on Monday and although I was happy with that event and got good feedback, Facebook decided to delete it for absolutely no reason, leaving me frustrated and disappointed.  Yesterday I decided to record this weeks VLOG live because I wanted to get back on the horse right away.  I talk about a really vulnerable subject which made this particular live broadcast even scarier.  I did it anyway and I got amazing feedback from so many people about their own experiences relating to this subject.  I share about my own journey with anxiety and depression and what I’ve found has helped me over the many years that I’ve struggled with this.  I really hope it helps you too and if you know anyone who struggles with anxiety and depression, please share this video with them.

As always, I welcome your comments.  Please let me know what resonated with you and if you have any other techniques you love that make a difference for you in managing depression and anxiety.

Love and Light,


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