How My Amazing Friend Belly Danced Her Way Through Anxiety

This week I decided to do a Facebook Live video with a good friend who played a huge part in the creation of my project “Soul Love Dance”.  We talk about creating the first choreography of this project and she gives a beautiful testimonial about how doing this dance regularly was hugely transformative for her.

Quick warning, I had a little snafu as can happen especially when you’re on live video.  I edited out the 90 seconds of me talking with no sound because I forgot to turn on the mic. Ooooops.  The video does start on a blooper which I think makes it even more fun.

The 5-day party I mention in the video starts next Monday, July 10th.  It’s totally free and you’ll learn to do this dance yourself.  You can find out more and sign up here.

The music used in this video is Sultan’s Dance by Solace and is available here.

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