Vain and Vulnerable


Yesterday I decided to do a Facebook Live about an old childhood wound that’s been keeping me stuck.  I’ve been using it as an excuse to not do my work and it’s been holding me back in other ways too.

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How to Become and Advanced Habit Practitioner

The other day, while brainstorming a new program we’re developing around habits, my business partner Cherstin, referred to me as an advanced habit practitioner.  This made me laugh and I admit I love it because it’s true. Although I’ve never thought of it like this, I’m an advanced habit practitioner.  What exactly does that mean? It means I’ve created my life and my regular routine, one conscious habit at a time over many years, instead of creating it with unconscious or mindless habits (although I have a few of those too).

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Your Daily Belly Dance Break

I’m excited to announce that I’ve officially released my first Udemy course, “Your Daily Belly Dance Break” Learn to Belly Dance in Short, Healthy Movement Breaks that You Can Easily Incorporate Into Your Daily Life.

In this course, you’ll learn to belly dance by learning a fun, energizing belly dance choreography.

Right now I’m offering the course for a very special discount.  You’ll only pay $17 which is less than a single group belly dance class with me.  You can get the discount here.

Once you know how to do the choreography, you can break it out anytime that you need a quick dance break, some fun movement or just to reset your energy.

Each video is between 5 and 10 minutes, and they are designed so you can fit them easily into your day as you learn the choreography.

Belly dance is a beautiful, feminine dance form that really focuses on moving from the core with intention.  It wakes up muscles and creates muscle memory and body awareness in parts of the body that are rarely used consciously.  It involves moving your spine and pelvis (a woman’s power center) in all directions which is an amazing way to create and maintain spinal health (the key to aging gracefully) and core strength.

Having a healthy spine and core strength are both essential for maintaining health, youthfulness, agility and longevity.  You’ll also notice reduced back pain and improved nerve function and blood flow to all parts of the body.

The best part is that belly dance is so much fun!  You’ll end your practice feeling energized and uplifted yet more grounded and at home in your body.

It’s also done to music which always makes anything more fun.  Plus moving and listening to music has been proven to increase coordination and balance, improve brain function and memory, increase endurance and create overall better health.

What you can expect from taking regular belly dance breaks:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Reduced back pain
  • Feeling more at home and grounded in the body
  • Stronger core
  • Increased coordination and balance
  • Better brain function due to increased blood flow
  • Improved memory
  • Increased happiness and joy
  • Help with shedding unwanted pounds

Taking regular dance breaks also offsets the damage of excessive sitting.  Did you know that sitting for extended time periods (as most of us do every day) is one of the most damaging things for your health?

The only way to offset this damages is by moving regularly and by regularly, I mean at least once an hour if not more.  Going to the gym at the end of the day won’t offset the damage.  It’s how often you move that matters, not how long at a stretch.

This course is a wonderful way to incorporate regular movement breaks into your day and reap the health benefits of breaking up long periods of sitting with some really fun, energizing and uplifting dance.

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A Simple Exercise for Your Feet that Can Change Your Entire Body

Today I have a simple exercise for you that will make your feet feel heavenly and has a profound effect on the rest of your body as well.  This does require a small ball (a tennis ball or high bounce ball will work nicely).

If you’ve never done anything like this before, it may feel very sensitive at first, apply as little or as much pressure as feels good to you.  With time, this will get easier and more comfortable and the changes in your body will be quite profound.

For more videos like this, please visit

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A Super Vulnerable Authentic Share and Some Thoughts on How to Combat Sexual Abuse/Harassment

Vanessa from Soul Love Dance here with a very vulnerable share.  If we’re friends on Facebook, you may already have seen the video below (If we’re not FB friends, I’d love to be, please send me a request here.)

I filmed this video on FB live yesterday, completely unscripted and not sure exactly what I was going to say, but knowing that I had to say something given all that’s been happening lately.  As soon as the live broadcast was done, I hid it from my page.  I wasn’t ready for the world to know this about me. Then I watched the video, and I decided to muster the courage to share.   Continue reading

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Sneak Peak into Exciting Changes for Soul Love Dance

Last week, we announced that Soul Love Dance is transforming from a one-woman show into an awesome partnership.  The following day we were interviewed about our work together and healing through movement and music.
We talk about how we first connected, all the synchronicity that led us to this very natural partnership and what our plans are for the future of Soul Love Dance.  We also share a live performance of what we’re doing together (It includes live music by Cherstin and original movement by Vanessa). Continue reading

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Soul Love Dance’s Big Announcement

Today’s video introduces an amazing woman, Cherstin Polson, who you’ll be seeing a lot more of going forward.  We make an announcement we’re really excited to share with you. Continue reading

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