Vanessa is not just an amazing instructor she is an inspiring and motivating human being. She sets herself apart from other instructors by giving 110% into her clients as well as her customized work outs. She continues to be very passionate in her work by continuing to educate herself. She has helped me repair my diastasis recti(an abdominal separation from pregnancy). Every workout is custom and always very challenging. She motivates and empowers her clients to be the best version of themselves through care and consideration. I recommend Vanessa with the utmost respect and reliability.

Mercedes Murallo

I’m a professional belly dancer and teacher, and was having some lower back/pelvic pain after a recent camping trip. Vanessa identified the problem and gave me several exercises to lessen the pain, and ultimately fix the problem. After 1 brief session, I’m already feeling better, and have the tools to take better care of my body. Thanks Vanessa!

Calamity Sam

About 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid disease. While there is no current cure for the disease, modern drugs have allowed me to contain the crippling that typically accompanies the illness. When I met Vanessa, I was getting 2 injections of a genetically engineered drug weekly to arrest the swelling and pain. The drug controls the disease, but does not repair the body. I decided to try Pilates as an accompanying therapy to improve my range of motion, build atrophied muscles and improve core strength. Vanessa designed a program for me that had demonstrable results within a matter of weeks. I noticed improved circulation and a higher level of energy. Over time, my physical appearance and performance improved, but the most impressive testimonial to her program, is the fact that I have reduced my medication from 2 injections per week to 1 injection every 2 weeks. I cannot speak highly enough about the specialized Pilates program Vanessa designed for me or how much she helped me improve my quality of life.

Joan Mispley

Vanessa is an expert in her field!  She has extensive and intimate knowledge of the body and dance and has years of experience behind her to prove it.  I have worked with her both professionally as a dancer as well as used her services for private pilates and therapeutic services to better understand and make use of my body.  Through my time with her I have found her advice to me immeasurably helpful and beneficial and have seen positive results from her suggestions and findings.  Vanessa is a true gem in our modern world, as she is a true master of her trade and takes such pride and joy in her work which benefits all of us in such a positive way!  She is always pushing to be better and gain more knowledge and it is truly inspiring!  We should all be scheduling sessions with her!

Ariellah – Professional Dancer

I have been doing private Pilates training with Vanessa for several months.  I have issues and mostly needed a program to keep me moving, as well as strength and balance improvement.  My goal was to stay out of physical therapy.

I have found Vanessa to have a vast knowledge of the body and how everything is connected.  Not only is she able to modify my program to be sure my issues don’t get worse, she can identify the cause of my pain and address it.  I have made great progress, and I recommend Vanessa if you are looking for therapeutic exercise to improve your life.  I am impressed with her ability to listen to and address my issues and her concern for my well-being is apparent and appreciated.

If, like me, you feel you need to get going on an exercise program but it’s been so long you are concerned about starting, I can tell you this has been just what I needed.  Give it a try!

Nancy Harrington

Vanessa is awesome!!!! She has a strong grasp and knowledge of every muscle in your body and how to evenly align everything. She helped my back to the point that a rarely have back pain anymore and I have lived with back pain my whole life. She is also very intuitive and can quickly switch up what you are doing to address what is going on with your body at that time.  She helped me realize how I was mostly using my muscles on one side of my body and that was throwing everything off. Now I rarely ever have to go to my chiropractor. Even if you don’t necessarily want to learn how to belly dance, the exercises are the best to keeping you pain free. I like that Vanessa knows how to do a mix of yoga, pilates, and belly dance. I have not been able to find anyone else like her. She is a gem! 🙂

Cari G – Hair Stylist

Since I have known and worked with Vanessa, I have experienced genuine transformation in my life.  She has given me the precious gift of body awareness which has not only dramatically improved my dance technique but my LIFE as well!  She has the qualities I desire most in a teacher: experience, knowledge, and a sense of humor.  She is such a bright light and has so much to share with all of us! I am grateful to be her student and friend

Amber Slemmer – Professional Dancer

Vanessa is one of the hardest working people I know and she is thorough as well as passionate about her work. She has given me a vast load of knowledge that I am still applying today within my personal exercises. I have a much deeper awareness of my body since I have studied Pilates with Vanessa; I highly recommend her if you are serious about gaining awareness, strength, and knowledge of biomechanics.

Frederique – Professional Dancer

Vanessa has really helped me to improve and dig deeper in my Pilates work-outs. Ever vigilant, she watches my every move and guides me to undertand and better align my body to get the maximum from each posture. What is always evident is her strong desire to continuously learn herself and to apply that into her teaching…and she is great fun to be around.

Maria H

Vanessa’s encouragement as well as pure love for what she does makes for the best instructor in the bay! She has talent and skill in all areas having to do with the body and is qualified for EVERYTHING (it feels that way at least!) Yoga, Pilates, belly dance, Zumba… she has a deep sense of body awareness and it comes through everything she does. She spends a great deal of her extra time studying the human anatomy and furthering her knowledge, I MEAN COME ON! I would recommend her for any age group or activity level.

Amanda P.